There are two drop-down menus that provide access to Envelope Presets. One is on the Edit Page next to the ENVELOPES label, the other is found in the Envelopes Zoom View beside the ENVELOPES ZOOM label.

The Drop-down menus will display a list of various Envelope presets as well as options to Save, Copy, and Paste Envelopes.

Envelope Presets contain all the contours of a single envelope. The Save Envelope Preset function allows you to save envelopes for later recall. Envelopes can be copied to other Layers or Parts using the Copy/Paste Envelope Preset functions. This provides a quick and convenient way to work with envelopes and Omnisphere ships with a large number of interesting and useful Envelope Presets for you to explore.

Saving and Loading Envelope Presets

To save a customized Envelope setting select Save Envelope Preset. A standard “Save” dialogue will appear. Omnisphere will automatically add the ‘.env’ extension to your custom name.

By default the Envelope preset will be saved in the following directory in your STEAM folder:

  • STEAM/Omnisphere/Settings Library/Presets/User/Envelope

After a new Preset has been saved it can be loaded from either of the Envelope Presets drop-down menus.

Copying and Pasting Envelope Presets

Select “Copy Envelope Preset” from the Presets menu to copy the current Envelope contours, then select the Envelope where you want to paste it. This can be any of the Envelopes in the current Part – or in any other Part. From the Presets menu select “Paste Envelope Preset” and the copied Envelope will replace it.

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