This inspiring Sonic Extension is based on the most expressive nylon guitar ever done for Omnisphere — but that’s just the beginning! Nylon Sky combines this extremely deeply-sampled instrument with Omnisphere’s synthesis power and the gorgeous new Sky FX to create stunning ambient organic sounds. Authentic rhythmic Patches take full advantage of brand new innovative Arpeggiator features and transform your playing into unbelievably realistic strumming patterns! Nylon Sky will inspire for years to come.

• From guitar sampling legend Bob Daspit
• Exclusive new “Sky Verb” beautiful shimmer reverb effect!
• Exclusive new “Sky Channel” Class-A channel strip effect!
• Gorgeous hybrid ambient guitar sounds and organic textures
• Realism control adds lifelike imperfections – breathing, noises
• Easily mix between three mic channels – Tube, X/Y, Wide
• Fingerstyle, Picked, and Flamenco performance styles
• Muted, Tremolo, Harmonics, and other playing techniques
• Extraordinary new Strumming feature with Humanity and Life!
• Build your own strum patterns with new Arp step modifiers
• Round Robins, Legato articulations, and much more…
• Requires Omnisphere 2.8 or higher

Nylon Sky includes two exclusive and powerful FX units:

Sky Verb

Without question, the most gorgeous reverb ever made for Omnisphere! This included new effect is the secret sauce of Nylon Sky, but you’ll end up wanting to use Sky Verb on pretty much anything. The evocative Clouds and Trails controls add shimmering textures that bloom and infinitely evolve, making it the ideal processor for ambient soundscapes and scoring. Launch into deep space with Sky Verb!

• Luscious, extremely smooth, ultra-ambient reverb
• Atmospheric Clouds control adds truly stunning octave shimmers
• Reverb Color modes offer unique timbres – Airy, Distant, Warm, Dark and Clean
• Environments range from short rooms to deep space
• Turn up the Trails for infinite evolving feedback
• Reverb Modulation creates super rich decays
• Easy-to-use and always sounds great
• Works in any Omnisphere patch!

Sky Channel

This new Class-A channel strip is based on pristine modeling of highly sought-after vintage consoles – by far the warmest EQ in Omnisphere. Sky Channel also features an amazing tape saturator and analog enhancer, inspired by classic production techniques. Although it’s been perfectly tuned to this guitar, Sky Channel sounds incredible on anything you run through it!

• Class-A level analog channel strip, based on classic 1970s mixing desk circuits
• Warm American console Equalizer with amazing vintage sound quality
• Saturate the Input for thicker tone – from subtle, to crunchy beef
• Lo Cut perfectly tuned for guitar – get more focus on any source
• Authentic tape emulation with variable speeds – 7.5, 15, 30 IPS
• Analog Enhancer and Processor for added presence
• Works in any Omnisphere patch!

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