Designed to apply acoustic resonances and and the sonic character of unique spaces to any sound in Omnisphere, INNERSPACE super-imposes the characteristics of one sound onto another. Sounds range from pills being dropped in a glass, scraped piano strings, crushed sugar grains, and cymbal sweeps—to liquid streams, vinyl noises, and tons more. You can load one (or two parallel) ambiences and their timbral characteristics will be applied to the Omnisphere sound, yielding surprising and unconventional results. The second page of INNERSPACE has a 7-band graphic EQ, to sculpt the sound even further and control any peaks that can occur naturally from the combination of sounds with resonant ambiences.


    This knob controls the input level to the effect unit.
  • A / B
    Select the ambience in slot A and/or slot B from these drop-down menus.
    Controls the balance between the ambiences loaded in slots A and B.
    Master volume.


  • 50Hz, 100Hz, 500Hz, 1k, 5k, 10k
    Each knob controls the gain of the corresponding frequency.
  • Q
    Controls the resonance of all six frequency bands.

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