To add a Part, Right/Control-Click on the desired Row in the STACK MODE Grid, then choose a Part from the menu. All of the Patches loaded into the current Multi will appear in this menu. Any unassigned Parts will display as “Empty.“

To place two or more Parts on the same Row, simply Right/Control-click on a Row again, and select “Add Part” for each Part that you want to add. Up to 8 Parts can be added to a single Row, however it is usually simplest to assign each Part to its own corresponding Row.

To remove a Part from any Row, Right/Control-click on the Region and select “Remove this Part.”

NOTE: Removing a Part from the STACK MODE grid doesn’t remove that Part from the Multi, so it can be added back if desired. When re-adding a Part, all previous changes made to its Region (position, width, and fades) are retained.

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