The Oscillator is the heart of Omnisphere’s vast synthesis capabilities. It has a “split-personality” since each of the 4 Layers’ Oscillators can have either high-definition, streaming sample-playback or dynamic, real-time, DSP-generated wavetables. The Oscillators’ extensive synthesis capabilities vary depending on whether SAMPLE mode or SYNTH mode is selected.


  • Omnisphere’s massive Core Library comprises approximately 60 GB of sample-based sounds, called Soundsources, to use as sources for synthesis. These Soundsources cover a wide spectrum of sounds, from simple raw waveforms and psychoacoustic samples, to morphing textures, warm voices and choirs, vintage keyboards, analog synths, and a best-of selection from our award-winning sample libraries. User Audio can be imported and used as Soundsources as well.


  • When the Oscillator is in SYNTH Mode, Omnisphere uses DSP wavetables generated in real-time by the STEAM engine. There are over 400 Wavetables available, ranging from classic vintage synthesizer waveforms to aggressive, digital waveshapes. Using these in combination with the three main synth Oscillator Parameters (SHAPE, SYMMETRY and HARD SYNC) offers vast sonic possibilities.

The combination of both types of sound generation makes Omnisphere a true hybrid instrument, which is able to transform both sample and synth-based sounds using a wide range of synthesis methods.

The STEAM engine goes far beyond traditional synthesizers by including a set of dedicated oscillators for Hard-Sync, Frequency Modulation, Ring Modulation, Unison, Harmonia, and Granular Synthesis controls. A single part can actually use up to 24 Oscillators per voice!


Selecting either mode switch will determine whether the Layer will be able to load a Soundsource (SAMPLE) or will utilize a DSP Wavetable (SYNTH).

SAMPLE MODE does not load a Soundsource by default. First a Soundsource must be selected from the Soundsource Browser.

SYNTH MODE defaults to the “SawSquare Fat” waveform.


Each of the Oscillator Zoom Sub-pages contain a wide set of synthesis functions that can applied to the Oscillator. They can be accessed by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the Oscillator Header or by clicking in the LEDs below the Wavetable/Soundsource name. The LEDs double as activity indicators for those pages.

FM Frequency Modulation synthesis
RM Ring Modulation synthesis
WS The Wave Shaper
UNI Unison
HRM Harmonia
GRN Granular synthesis

NOTE: The Main Oscillator Zoom Sub-page is accessed from its tab inside the Oscillator Zoom.

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