When a Hardware Profile is loaded, Omnisphere follows your moves on the hardware synth by automatically switching to the relevant page. If you adjust the envelope on the hardware synth, Omnisphere will display that envelope’s zoom page. If you adjust an effect from the hardware, you’ll be taken to the applicable FX rack in Omnisphere.

This behavior is enabled by default and can be controlled by selecting or de-selecting “Link Omnisphere GUI” from the HW menu.

After accessing Omnisphere’s pages from a hardware synth, you can make even more detailed edits inside Omnisphere. For example, each FX unit in Omnisphere can have up to 15 parameters. Most hardware synths don’t have that many controls dedicated to effects, but with automatic access to the relevant Omnisphere page, you can use the mouse to adjust parameters the hardware can’t control. After all, Omnisphere has more than 20,000 parameters!

This makes the “Link Omnisphere GUI” feature a key part of bridging the gap between software and hardware.

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