The four-column layout of the Full Browser Filters provides both hierarchical and Attributes-based filtering functions and operates in two distinct modes.

In Attributes Mode, the Full Browser Filters display selectable Category and context-sensitive Attributes columns based on the tags that have been added to the Multis, Patches, or Soundsources.

With a simple click Sound Match lets you find sounds that are similar by analyzing the tags of every sound and finding others with similar characteristics. Pressing the SOUND MATCH button will hide the Browser Filters and display the name of the selected sound. All the similar sounds in your libraries will show up in the results list.

In File Directory Mode, the Full Browser Filters display folders and files just as they are stored in the directory on your computer’s hard drive. This is useful for browsing User sounds in a way that mirrors the file/folder organization you may have chosen in the Mac Finder or Windows File Explorer.

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