Groove Lock is one of Omnisphere’s most innovate features. With Groove Lock you can lock the groove of the Envelopes to the feel of any Stylus RMX or Standard MIDI file. This dramatically expands the rhythmic potential of the Omnisphere Envelopes. You can instantly create a Groove Lock Envelope by simply dragging and dropping any standard MIDI file (e.g. from Stylus RMX) onto the Envelope Display. This can be applied to any of the available Envelope types: AMP, Filter, and Mod.

When you drop a MIDI file onto the Envelope Display, it imports the rhythmic information contained in that MIDI file, resulting in a complex rhythmic Envelope.

This is a fast and convenient way to create complex Envelopes, and can dramatically reduce the time required to create them from scratch.

Original ADSR Envelope

Complex Envelope after Groove Lock Applied

Using MIDI files provides a great starting point for creating interesting new Envelopes. It allows them to be Groove-Locked to other Spectrasonics plug-ins, or to any MIDI-based musical phrase in your project.

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