Sonic power reigns supreme in Seismic Shock. By forging epic sounds with the next-level Seismic FX, a vast amount of new terrain is covered — from throbbing rhythms to highly playable sounds. Designed for producers in search of maximum impact, you’ll unearth an arsenal of killer tools in Seismic Shock for all kinds of modern production.

• Created by veteran producer/sound designer Seth Norman
• Exclusive new “Seismic Pump” extreme side-chaining effect!
• Exclusive new “Seismic Verb” epic animated reverb effect!
• Nearly 2,000 powerful sounds in eleven categories
• Super versatile range – from highly playable to brutal noises
• Lethal Nitrogen Oscillator sounds captured at NASA Labs!
• Unique Custom Controls for radically creative manipulation
• Features brand new, aggressive Seismic Wavetables
• Trigger Scenes for on-the-fly performance transformations
• Dramatic Wheel tricks for impressive modulations
• Requires Omnisphere 2.8 or higher

Seismic Shock includes two exclusive and powerful FX units:

Seismic Pump

Included with Seismic Shock is a unique new side-chaining effect called “Seismic Pump”. Requiring no special routing, this innovative effect creates dramatic tonal movement and timbral shifts on anything you put through it—using all kinds of creative shapes. Advanced features allow for external MIDI triggering of the Pump effect and syncing to Song Position. Great for creating anything from reverse swells to extreme dynamic warping. A secret weapon for modern production!

• Advanced side-chaining effect with instant, dramatic results
• Unique harmonic and timbral effects, not simply a volume control
• 21 pump shapes – Tectonic, Sizzle, Piston, Swisher, Pulsate, Quick Dip, and more…
• 8 tone color modes – Throaty, Boxy, Sheen, Bite, Low Cut, Mid Focus, and more…
• Sync to host or trigger pumping manually with MIDI
• Breakup feature adds dynamic saturation and chaotic noise
• Turn off “Loop” for one-shot swelling effects
• Powerful combo when paired with Seismic Verb
• Works in any Omnisphere patch!

Seismic Verb

Definitely NOT your average reverb! Seismic Verb combines unique algorithms with extreme compression techniques for awe-inspiring results. With a crazy range – from punchy overtones to massive detuned tails – it’s also the first reverb ever to have an Animate feature. When you need epic ambience, this is the one to reach for!

• Next-level creative reverb effect – ideal for epic productions
• Innovative Animate feature for pulsing timbral shifts in the reverb
• Crank things up to maximum impact with the Smash control
• Eight smash types – Snarl, Poppy, Subs, Beefy, Flatline, Obscene, and more
• Eight reverb styles – Epic, Anthemic, Clang, Optimus, Octave, Fifth, and more…
• Eight reverb colors – Bold, Notch, Bright, Scoop, Dark, Mids, Sparkle, and more
• Special routing modes for extra tweakability on the dry signal
• Also doubles as an aggressive compressor!
• Works in any Omnisphere patch!

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