*Thriftshop Speaker *is designed to trash your audio by running it through old funky speakers/telephones/megaphones that you might find in a thrift shop.This unit uses different kinds of distortion models and then super-imposes the ambiences of a wide variety of devices (ranging from tube radios, computer speakers, and headphones, to children toys, intercoms and much more) onto the sound. In addition to being good at producing lo-fi sounds, it is useful for creating sounds with a very narrow frequency range that sit well in a mix.

    Controls the mix of the dry signal and the processed (wet) signal. The percentage indicates the amount of the signal that is wet.
    Range: 0 to 100%
    This knob controls the input level.
    Range: -inf dB ~ 9.54 dB
    Drop-down menu for selecting one of the distortion models from the Stompbox Modeler:
  1. Boss BD-2 Blues Driver™
  2. Ibanez Tube Screamer™
  3. Boss SD-1 Overdrive™
  4. DOD 250 Overdrive™
  5. Arbiter Fuzz Face™
  6. Sola Tone Bender™
  7. MXR Distortion +™
  8. Pro Co RAT™
  9. Big Muff Pi™
  10. Boss DS-1 Distortion™
  11. DOD FX69 Grunge™
    Controls the tone of the distortion, creating darker results at low settings and brighter results at higher settings. The Tone control responds differently depending on the selected model in the Type menu.
    Range: 0.00 ~ 1.00
    Engaging this switch makes the effected signal mono.
    Drop-down menu for selecting the ambience of the different kinds of devices, including radios, toys, cheap mics, computer speakers, megaphones, telephones, and more. The input signal will take on the timbral characteristics of the selection.
    Master output.
    Range: -inf dB ~ 9.54 dB

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