Arpeggiators have always been the perfect tool for creating metric, machine-like patterns. HUMANITY is a powerful tool which introduces human-like inconsistencies, bringing new life to your Arpeggiator Patterns.

The HUMANITY knob controls the amount of randomization applied to individual Step start-times. The start-times are shifted to be delayed, or “late.” The length of the delayed note is shortened to prevent Note OFF events from interfering with the following Arpeggiator Step.

NOTE: For Step Modifiers that generate multiple notes per Step (Step Divider and Strum), the humanization amounts are applied separately for each note.

Tighter Downbeats

It can sometimes be useful to randomize a pattern while keeping the downbeats closer to the grid. With Tighter Downbeats engaged, Humanity applies less Step start-time randomization to the downbeats of the Arpeggiator pattern.

Tighter Downbeats is selected from the drop-down menu next to the Humanity control and a checkmark appears when it is engaged.

Tighter Downbeats Default is ON.


The LIFE knob controls the amount of randomization applied to individual Step velocities and works in combination with the VELOCITY control. Velocity randomness is applied to the “blended” Arpeggiator Step / Keyboard VELOCITY, which is set in the bottom left of the Arpeggiator page.

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