Omnisphere’s Waveshaper takes the Oscillator’s waveform and passes it through mathematically generated curves that add various types of distortion, changing the waveform’s harmonic content.

Instead of being a standalone effect, Omnisphere’s Waveshaper is part of the Oscillator, and is polyphonic, making it a synthesis function and not just an effect. This means that the Oscillator’s can have more harmonic richness without the clashing sound heard when playing chords thru a monophonic distortion (such as a fuzz box). Polyphonic distortion is far more versatile and musical.

The Waveshaper page is divided into three sections: CRUSHER, SHAPER, and REDUCER.

In the CRUSHER section, you can reduce the bit-depth using the BIT CRUSH slider to create digital distortion and you can make it more or less aggressive by using the CRUSH FORCE slider.

In the SHAPER section, you can control the amount of Waveshaping that is applied to your sound by using the DEPTH slider. You can also change the type of Waveshaping by selecting one of the four algorithms, which range from softer to more aggressive.

In the REDUCER section, you can reduce the sample rate by moving the SAMPLE RATE slider to create interesting alterations to the quality of the sound. By using the ANIMATION slider you can add a dynamic character that changes over time.

The MIX / PATH / GAIN controls apply to all three sections.


This turns the Waveshaping effect ON or OFF.


Waveshaper Presets can be copied, pasted, or saved from this menu.

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