The CRYING WAH is modeled after the classic Vox™ Cry Baby wah-wah pedal, used by Clapton and Hendrix, and pretty much everyone else! It includes a nice compressor at the end of the path to compress the filtered signal.

    Controls the frequency (wah) of the filter.
    Range: 0 ~ 10.0
    Controls the depth of the envelope applied to the filter.
    Range: 0% ~ 100%
  • [AUTO WAH] ENV  
    Controls the response of the envelope follower. The envelope reacts faster at lower settings and slower at higher settings.
    Range: 0.1 Sec ~ 1.5 Sec
    Sets the input level to the compressor.
    Range: -12.0 ~ 12.0

    Controls both the threshold and output gain of the compression effect. Higher settings lower the threshold and cause more gain to be made up, while lowering the attack.
    Range: 0 dB ~ 36 dB
    Adjusts the amount of time that the compressor takes to stop compressing once the audio has dipped under the threshold level.
    Range: 0.1 Sec ~ 2.5 Sec
    A gain make-up stage that adjusts the overall output to compensate for compression level reduction.
    Range: -inf dB ~ 9.54 dB

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