The PHASE control will have an audible effect ONLY when it is combined with another Layer, as phase changes can only be perceived as a reaction between two audio signals.

The best way to understand the PHASE control is to set up a SYNTH sound on Layer A (with the ANALOG control to zero). Then, from the UTILITY menu select the Copy Layer option and select Layer B, then select the Paste Layer option from the UTILITY menu. This way two identical Oscillator Layers will be audible and changes in the phase can easily be heard.

If the PHASE control is at minimum, the Oscillator will be triggered at the start of the waveform. As the value is increased, the point at which the Oscillator will be triggered will be moved and it will then be out of phase with the other Layer. When the horizontal slider is set to maximum, it will be 180 degrees out of phase the other Layer’s Oscillator.

Many interesting composite waveforms can be created with the PHASE control this way, and this technique is particularly useful for synth bass sounds.

NOTE: PHASE is best utilized when the ANALOG control, also in the MAIN section, is set to a minimum value.

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