Included with Seismic Shock is a unique new side-chaining effect called Seismic Pump. Requiring no special routing, this innovative effect creates dramatic tonal movement and timbral shifts on anything you put through it—using all kinds of creative shapes. Advanced features allow for external MIDI triggering of the Pump effect and syncing to Song Position. Great for creating anything from reverse swells to extreme dynamic warping. A secret weapon for modern production!


Controls the mix of the dry signal and the processed (wet) signal. The percentage indicated is the amount of the signal that is wet.



This drop-down menu determines how the pumping action is triggered.

Auto: Pumping is automatically triggered.
Trig: Pumping is triggered by the TRIGGER button on PAGE TWO. In this mode, the audio level and timbral effects start low and go high when TRIGGER is activated, making it useful for swelling and reverse-type effects.
Trig Inv. Pumping is triggered by the TRIGGER button on PAGE TWO. In this mode, the audio level and timbral effects start high and go low when TRIGGER is activated, making it ideal for ducking or sidechaining-style effects. You can think of this mode like a manually triggered version of Auto.

NOTE: When Trig Inv. is selected for MODE and the TRIGGER button is not engaged, Seismic Pump also functions as a type of aggressive dynamics processor that can be used to fatten up sounds without adding pumping movement. The AMOUNT and COMPRESS knobs change the intensity of this effect.

    This drop-down menu controls the rate of pumping.
    This drop-down menu allows you to select from a library of pumping shapes.
    Ramp Pump Sizzle
    Slosh Upbeat Quick Dip
    Wob Soft Wob Sharp Kicker
    Step Up Flutter Off-Ramp
    Snippy Sharp Wavey
Bouncer Swisher
Seething Pulsate
    Controls the intensity and depth of the pumping effect. There are a lot of little sweet spots across the range of this knob. At the lower end, it adds subtle movement. Around noon is a great general-purpose amount of pumping. At 75%, the timbral effects become more intense. When AMOUNT is turned all the way up, the downbeat of the pumping shape drops to digital silence, making it useful to carve out space in a sound for drums to punch through.
    This drop-down menu contains a variety of tonal profiles. These shape the overall character of the sound and change the timbre-shifting behavior of the pumping effect.
    Introduces analog saturation and fluttering effects to the sound. As the knob is turned up, the saturation becomes more aggressive and the rate of fluttering increases. The intensity of the effect is connected to the pumping action, resulting in rhythmically modulated dynamic distortion. The higher the PUMP AMOUNT, the more BREAKUP is audible at the peak of the pumping envelope.


    When MODE is set to Trig or Trig Inv., activating this button will trigger the pumping effect.
  • LOOP
    Controls whether or not the pumping effect repeats. When LOOP is switched on, pumping repeats continually. When LOOP is switched off, the pumping behaves like a one-shot.
    Controls whether Seismic Pump is synced to host Song Position. When SONG POS is switched on, the pumping effect syncs to the Song Position of the host and does not reset based on note input. When SONG POS is switched off, Seismic Pump effectively functions in Legato Mode—the pumping effect resets when you play a note, but does not reset on consecutive notes played on top of a held note, until the held note is released and a new note is played.
    Controls the intensity of the compression—higher values introduce more aggressive timbral effects and make the pumping effect more dramatic.
    Adjusts the overall output.

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