Keywords are descriptive words and phrases that are outside of the scope of Attributes, but are still useful when searching and browsing sounds. These can be more subjective and can be changed or added to both factory and User-created Multis and Patches. You may want to add your name or comment to indicate that it’s a favorite sound, or an artist that the sound reminds you of, or a project with which the sound is associated.

To add Keywords, simply click the Keyword field, and type them in. Separate multiple Keywords with a comma. Select any Keywords that you wish to remove and hit “Delete.”


This will configure the weblink on the Patch Zoom or Multi Zoom page.

This field can only contain a valid web address, but it does not need to be a full URL. For example, Instead of “” it can simply be written “” and will still be considered a valid web address.


The Notes field can contains notes about how the sound was created, playing tips, and some suggestions for how it can be modified.

NOTE: All of the text in the Notes field will be checked during searches in the Browser.

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