The Navigation Buttons in the header are used to select and view any of the eight Parts, the Multi Section, or the System Page. Only one button can be selected at a time.

Part Select Buttons (1 ~ 8)

Buttons 1–8 are Part Select Buttons. Selecting a Part lets you access and view any of the pages for that Part, including the Orb, Main, Layer A, Layer B, Layer C, Layer D, Patch FX pages, and the Arpeggiator Page.

MULTI Button

Selecting the MULTI button gives you access to any of the pages in the Multi Section, including the MIXER”:“, “”:, and the LIVE MODE and STACK MODE pages.


Selecting the SYSTEM button opens the System Page, which contains preferences and settings for the entire plug-in.

NOTE: Right-click on a Part Select Button to hear the currently loaded sound. It will play as long as the button is pressed (or until the sound decays). The “Audition Note” setting in the Browser Settings Zoom determines the pitch.

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