The Filter is a key component of subtractive synthesis. It’s designed to remove frequencies from a sound, thus changing and enhancing sonic character. Filters typically consist of a cutoff control, which sets which frequencies are reduced or removed, and a resonance control, which emphasizes the frequency of the cutoff point.

The most common form of filtering is called Lowpass, which means that higher frequencies are removed while lower frequencies are allowed to pass. Most vintage synthesizers employed Lowpass filtering, but some also included Highpass filtering, which removes low frequencies and lets the high frequencies pass through.

Omnisphere includes an exceptionally versatile dual-filtering system, which features two stereo filters per layer that can be routed in series or parallel.  There are thirty-four different filter types available, which include Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and other specialized varieties. Because Omnisphere’s filters are stereo, they are ideal for dynamic filter-panning effects.

The FILTERS section of the LAYER overview features a basic set of filter controls, such as Cutoff, Resonance, Keyboard Tracking and Filter Envelope Depth. The full set of filter controls are available on the FILTER ZOOM view.

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