Two of the main advantages of Sonic Extensions Patches are Custom Controls and Scenes.

Custom Controls
Exclusive to Sonic Extensions, Custom Controls allow for quick sound customization from a single page. Each Sonic Extensions Patch has a unique layout that brings together the most useful parameters for fast and creative editing. The Custom Controls are connected to all kinds of parameters deep inside Omnisphere, providing a simplified and powerful way of modifying the sound without without the need for any additional programming.

The type of sound determines what is included on the Custom Controls layout. For example, the most useful controls for pads are generally different from those you would want for guitars or rhythmic sounds. A balance is struck between simple controls and unique timbral manipulators, all the while sophisticated routing and scaling of multiple parameters is happening in the background. Each control can be automated in your host or MIDI-Learned for truly dynamic and musical performances.

NOTE: Clicking on the unlabeled LEDs beneath certain controls will display their label and function.

Editing in Omnisphere
To switch to the Omnisphere controls, click the CUSTOM CONTROLS button.

Return to the Sonic Extension Custom Controls by clicking the button again

Please see the next section to learn how to instantly recall Custom Control settings — using one of the most powerful features in Sonic Extensions:

NOTE: The Custom Controls in Sonic Extensions will not be available when the following Omnisphere Sound Lock parameters are selected: Solo, Mod Matrix, Effects, Filters, Envelopes, and LFOs.

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