The VOICES selector determines the available polyphony (number of simultaneous playable notes) in a single Part. Omnisphere is capable of up to 64 voices per Part.

The higher the number of voices a Patch has available, the more CPU power it will use, so this is an important parameter in Omnisphere. The best approach is to set it only to the maximum number of notes that are needed for the given musical application.

The factory Patches have all been set conservatively, but if more polyphony is needed, you can always increase the number of voices.

Range 1 ~64

NOTE: Voices applies to all sounding notes, not just the ones that are currently being played. This is important to consider when playing sounds with longer release times. If you let go of a note, but the tail is still sounding, it counts as a voice.


This function raises or lowers the overall pitch by transposing the Patch in 12 semitone (octave) increments. There is a total range of five Octaves.

Range -2 ~ +2 octaves

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