The MIX slider controls the balance between the original Oscillator’s signal and the Waveshaped sound. If the mix is at the minimum setting, then the effect of the Waveshaper is not heard. When set to the maximum, only the Waveshaped signal is heard.

MIX is modulatable.

Range 0.000 to 1.000


These three mode switches determine at what point in Omnisphere’s audio path the Waveshaper is placed. It can be placed after the Oscillator, the Filter or the Amplifier:

  • OSC (Oscillator) – The Waveshaper is placed after the Oscillator output, before the Filter section.
  • FILTER (Filter) – The Waveshaper is placed after the Filter’s output, before the Amplifier.
  • AMP (Amplifier) – The Waveshaper is placed after Omnisphere’s Amplifier.


The GAIN slider controls the amount of gain that is applied to the output.

Range 0.000 to 1.000

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