The Omnisphere Standalone comes with an optional on-screen keyboard. From the View Menu, select “Keyboard” or hit “Command/Control-K.”

The Keyboard opens along the bottom edge of the interface, but it can be moved anywhere on your desktop. Its position will be recalled the next time you open the standalone.

In addition to triggering Omnisphere from your MIDI controller, you can play the keyboard with your mouse as well as your computer’s QWERTY keyboard. The range defaults to a starting note of Middle C / C4. You can change the octave with the number keys (1–7) along the top of your QWERTY keyboard.

The MIDI velocity is set to 90 and the Spacebar works as a sustain pedal.

Hitting “Command/Control-K” again or clicking on the “X” in the upper left corner closes the Keyboard window.

NOTE: “Command/Control-W” also closes the Keyboard window when it is in-focus.

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