The purpose of this document is to clear up any confusion regarding the sampling of Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments. We get a lot of questions about this topic from other sound designers, so we’d like to make sure our policies are clear and upfront.

The factory sound libraries within Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments are based on sound recordings which are copyrighted by Spectrasonics. The Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments Sounds License Agreement grants the purchaser a license to utilize the copyrighted material in the factory sound libraries within a musical context.

However, please note that this standard license does NOT grant the user any rights to copy any portion of the factory sound libraries for distribution or to use Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments to create new sound samples for distribution.

Am I allowed to distribute sound samples I’ve made of any of the factory libraries in my Spectrasonics Instruments?
No. The Core Libraries in Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments are copyrighted sound recordings and may not be distributed in a non-musical context. This includes any and all types of distribution. Their use in other sound libraries, sound FX libraries, sample-based hardware, or software products is specifically prohibited.

Am I allowed to distribute music samples I’ve made using the factory libraries in my Spectrasonics Instruments?
Yes, you can distribute your music however you like. This includes any and all types of music distribution as audio files, whether presented in mixes, multitracks, or stems. The only exception is if these audio files are to be embedded in other software or hardware, which would require clearance with us.

What if I extensively modify the factory sounds from my Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments?
All modification, layering, and tweaking is still legally considered a “derivative work” based on copyrighted recordings, so any type of sound sample distribution like this is prohibited under the standard license. Use of this type would require specific clearance or a special license arranged with Spectrasonics in advance.

Does this mean that I’m not allowed to distribute my own original patches or multis created with my Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments?
That’s not a problem. Any type of distribution of User PATCHES and MULTIS created with your Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments (.prt & .mlt files) is not only allowed, it’s encouraged!

Am I allowed to distribute sound samples of my own original Patches made with my Spectrasonics Instruments?
If your Patches created in Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments are based on our copyrighted soundsources, the answer would be NO in those cases. In the case of original user Patches created solely with the DSP oscillators in the synthesizer section of Omnisphere (i.e using NO SAMPLES) or from the user’s own audio, this is permissible and not a problem. Please contact us if you have any questions.

May I sample my Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments for my own private use?
Of course. Every licensed user is free to use sounds from their Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments in any way within the production of their own music that works for them creatively. This includes creating their own custom samples with the instruments. Those custom samples become a legal issue ONLY when they go beyond the private musical use of the individual user (i.e. distribution).

Am I permitted to distribute my sound samples from my Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments if it’s non-commercial?
No. There’s no distinction between commercial and non-commercial distribution. The posting or sharing of your sound samples of Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments presents the same legal issues as commercial distribution.

But if Spectrasonics sampled other manufacturers’ instruments to make soundsources for Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments, then why can’t I use Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments for my sampling project? This seems inconsistent.

For the Core Libraries, Spectrasonics researched and obtained all necessary legal clearance to use each of the original samples we created that incorporate other manufacturers’ instruments.

Can I use the demo songs?
No. They are just there to give you an idea of what Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments can do. Demo songs cannot be sampled, remixed, or used in any other application without special permission from Spectrasonics. If you are interested in using any of the demo songs in some other application, please contact us and we’ll connect you with the composer/publisher.

Please contact Spectrasonics directly if you have any further questions regarding the sampling or distribution of sounds from Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments. We are happy to talk to you! You can send us an email at or you can call us at 818-955-8481.

*All other manufacturers’ product names used in Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments are trademarks of their respective owners, who in no way are associated or affiliated with Spectrasonics. The trademarks belonging to other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers whose tones and sounds were studied during Spectrasonics sound development.

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