The Filter ENV control is identical to the ENV control found on the LAYER pages. The Filter Envelope Depth is a dedicated modulation control. It sets the amount that the Filter Envelope controls the cutoff frequency. At minimum setting, the Filter Envelope has no effect on the Cutoff. The higher the setting, the greater effect the Filter Envelope’s contour has in opening and closing the Filter.

NOTE: If both the Filter Cutoff and Filter Envelope Depth are set to minimum values, little or no sound will be heard. If the Filter Cutoff is at the maximum value, then the ENV knob will have no effect, since the Cutoff is already wide open. A good starting point is to keep the ENV control at the middle point.


The Filter ENV INVERT switch is identical to the Filter ENV INVERT switch on the LAYER pages. This control inverts the Filter Envelopes contour and so it will close the filter (lowering the Cutoff frequency). This switch will change to inverted text when ENV tracking is inverted.

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