LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators) are used for cyclical modulation effects like vibrato, tremolo, filter sweeps, and auto-pan effects.

Omnisphere has eight independent LFOs available for each Part. All eight LFOs have an identical set of parameters and can be used as sources within Omnisphere’s Modulation Matrix.


Selecting the menu arrow in the section header will display a drop down menu that allows copying, pasting, and saving of the LFO settings as presets. Below is the list of available LFO presets, which can be applied to the currently selected LFO. When the LFO is set up to modulate an Omnisphere parameter, these presets can be auditioned.


Underneath the section header are page buttons numbered 1 ~ 8, each of which represents an LFO. Selecting a button displays the current values of that LFO’s parameters.

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