To get the most out of LIVE MODE, it can often be more convenient to switch Parts by other means than the mouse — via Windows Multitouch, by MIDI-Learning the Part switches, or by using Omni TR our remote control app for the iPad .

To MIDI-Learn a Part, Right/Control-click on its Slot to open the contextual menu, then choose the Part selection method you would like to MIDI Learn.

Select MIDI CC Learn from the menu, and then physically move a control on your MIDI device. The control on your MIDI device will now select the Part.

MIDI Note Learn (Key Select)
Select MIDI Note Learn from the menu, and then play a note from your MIDI controller. That note will now select the Part.

NOTE: Learned MIDI Notes will display keys with blue dots on the STACK MODE mini-keyboard. Select the Notes setting on the STACK MODE page to display the mini-keyboard.

MIDI Program Change
Select MIDI Program Change Learn from the menu, and then press a Program Change button on your MIDI device. This Program Change button will now select the Part.

There are three modes available (Touch, Latch, and Switch) that determine how the Part selection methods operate. See the LIVE MODE Settings Zoom section for details.

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