To move a Region, click inside the Region and drag horizontally.

NOTE: You can only drag Regions horizontally, and not vertically across Rows. To relocate a Part to another Row, simply add the Part to the desired Row by right-clicking and using the Add Part contextual menu. The Part will relocate with its Region settings (position, width, and fades) intact.


Click and drag the lower right or lower left corner of a Region to increase or decrease its width. If two Regions are on the same Row and crossfaded together, resizing will only change the width of the selected Region.


To add a fade to a Region, select the upper-right or upper-left corner of the Region and drag the corner inward. The further the corner is dragged, the more gradual the ramp and the longer the fade will be.

You can shorten or remove a fade by dragging the upper corner of the fade outward.

Contiguous and Crossfade

To have contiguous or crossfaded Regions, both Regions must be on the same Row. Once on the same Row, Regions can be placed side-by-side for contiguous layout.

To crossfade two Regions, place two Regions on the same Row. Create a fade on one Region (on the side facing the other Region), then drag the faded Region toward the other. When the Regions touch, Omnisphere will automatically create a crossfade.

Dragging inside the crossfaded area will move the crossfade without changing its length. This will not move the Regions themselves, although the relative length of the Regions will change accordingly.

Dragging on the upper corners of the crossfade will increase or decrease the length of the crossfade, without moving either Region. Again, the relative length of the Regions will change accordingly.

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