An oscillator can be thought of as the smallest building block of a sound and the best place to start when creating a new Patch from scratch in Omnisphere. The signal path of Omnisphere starts with its oscillators, so oscillator settings will affect all of the other components that come afterward and drastically influence the resulting sound.

An easy way to explore the impact the oscillator selection can have on Omnisphere’s sound is by loading a Patch from its Factory library and then changing oscillator settings. It’s surprising how dramatic the results can be when making minimal adjustments at this stage.

An oscillator in Omnisphere has two selectable modes: Sample Mode, which uses recorded sounds called Soundsources, and Synth Mode, which uses DSP Wavetables that are generated by your computer in real-time.

Due to their nature and implementation, these two modes sharply contrast each other and in turn, perfectly complement one another when used in tandem. In fact, it is the combination of Sample Mode and Synth Mode oscillators that provides the foundation for Omnisphere’s distinct sonic signature.

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