Omnisphere allows the Part-splitting, layering, and fading features of STACK MODE to be used in combination with LIVE MODE. There are times in live performance when splits are desired and you need to switch instantly between Parts. This can be achieved by clicking on the “Stack Mode Note Regions” Power Button in the LIVE MODE Settings page.

When “Stack Mode Note Regions” is turned ON, the range and fade settings currently set for each of the regions in the STACK MODE page are also made active in LIVE MODE. When LIVE MODE is ON and “Stack Mode Note Regions” is turned ON, the STACK MODE regions will be white instead of blue.

Here is a practical example of how it works:

Part 1 has an arpeggiated synth sound that you’d like to use in the intro of a song. Part 2 has a synth bass, and Part 3 has a pad, both for the verse.

In STACK MODE, the region for Part 1 covers the entire keyboard range, Part 2 is set to play on the left side of the keyboard, and Part 3 to play on the right.

In LIVE MODE, enable “Stack Mode Note Regions.” Now, using either your computer or Omni TR, you can select Part 1 for the intro and right before the verse, select Parts 2 and 3 simultaneously. Your keyboard will be now divided into two parts, with the bass on the left and the pad on the right.

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