We’ve made it simple to import your own .tun scale files into Omnisphere.

Here’s how:

1. Create a User folder in the Tuning File folder located here:

  • MacOS
    HD/Users/Username/Library/Application Support/Spectrasonics/STEAM/Omnisphere/Settings Library/Presets/Tuning File
  • Windows
    C:\ProgramData\Spectrasonics\STEAM\Omnisphere\Settings Library\Presets\Tuning File

2. Drag and drop your .tun files into the Tuning File folder you’ve created.

3. Locate the Scale menu on the Main page of Omnisphere 2.

4. Select your new .tun file from the Scale menu.

NOTE: The SCALE directory is updated dynamically—there is no need to refresh.

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