A Multi is comprised of all eight Parts, four Aux FX Racks, a Master FX Rack and a Master Mixer. It also includes any Live Mode and Stack Mode settings, and all MIDI Learn assignments.

Therefore, saving a Multi is saving the entire state of the instrument for future recall.

If you find or create a Patch or Multi that you would like to have loaded upon opening a new instance of Omnisphere or would like MIDI mappings you’ve made to be recalled by default, you can use the “Save as Default Multi” feature found in the Utility Menu.

There are many ways to utilize a Multi in Omnisphere. The most traditional approach is as a truly multi-timbral synthesizer, with separate Patches loaded into Parts and each Part responding to a different MIDI channel.

Using Live Mode you can load different articulations into each Part, such as Sustains, Staccatos, and Slides and switch between them on the fly.

Using Stack Mode you can split and/or layer Omnisphere’s eight Parts in real-time, which is extremely useful during a live performance.

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