There are two exclusive Granular modes: SPEED and POSITION. While other granular parameters work in the same manner regardless of the mode, the slider above the SPEED and POSITION mode selectors controls only the selected mode.


SPEED automatically moves the position of the sample that is being granulated forwards or backwards at a fixed rate. All the way to the left is forward at full speed, all the way to the right is backwards full speed. In-between values will move it more slowly forwards (below .5) or backwards (above .5). Omnisphere takes over control of the position in this mode. This mode can be useful for adding movement to otherwise static sounds, or to do lo-fi time stretching or reversing.

The SPEED slider is modulatable.


The POSITION slider allows you to select which portion of the sample is being granulated. As an example, you can choose to granulate only the “pluck,” or only the decay of a guitar note. This mode is useful for granulating a specific portion of the sample and for creating “freezing” effects. The blue display above the slider represents the current position of the slider, hence the portion of the sample being granulated.

The POSITION slider is modulatable.

NOTE: The number of Zones in a Soundsource determines the maximum range of the POSITION slider. If the Soundsource has more than 12 Zones mapped, the range of the POSITION slider slider is 1 second. If it has less than 12 Zones, then the POSITION slider’s range can be up to 90 seconds.

In both modes, the results will vary depending on the settings of other Granular parameters, particularly INTENSITY, DEPTH, and SMOOTHING.

Range 0.000 to 1.000

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