Flex-Mod is the quickest way to set up a modulation routing. By right-clicking on the control to be modulated, you’ll get a pop-out menu where you can select “Modulate” and select from the list of available sources.

The first group of modulation options in the list is commonly used sources. If there’s more than one source available of a given type, the next available source will be used automatically.

For example, when “Modulate with LFO” is selected, the next available LFO will automatically be routed to the target parameter. This means if LFO1 is already being used as a Modulation Source, the Flex-Mod system will automatically assign LFO2. Any of these automatic routings can be overridden as well.

A complete list of all of the Modulation Sources is provided at the bottom of the menu as “All Mod Sources,” so specific sources can be chosen if that’s preferred.

NOTE: Not all controls are modulatable, but the majority are.

After the Target Parameter’s modulation source has been selected, the routing is then displayed in the MODULATION section of the LAYER page.

NOTE: If all eight LFOs have been routed as Modulation Sources and “Modulate with LFO” is selected, it will default to LFO1. This is the same with the Modulation Envelopes—when all four are in use, any additional “Modulate with Envelope” routings will default to MOD Envelope 1.

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