Selecting a sound in the Browser also loads it. How quickly it loads depends on the amount of samples the sound has and how they are mapped, and whether Progressive Loading or Lite Version are enabled.

Progressive Loading

Omnisphere’s Progressive Loading system works by letting you play and hear the sound as soon as the first samples are loaded. As new samples are loaded, they become immediately available for playing.

The Progressive Loading status in indicated in the top left area of the browser:

  • Red – Loading is in the early phases (no audio yet).
  • Yellow – Audio still loading (preview audio available).
  • Green – Loading is finished.

Progressive Loading is enabled by default. You can disable if from the Browser Settings Zoom.

Remote Loading

Omnisphere’s Patches can also be remotely loaded via MIDI Learn using Program Changes, CC, and MIDI notes. This is covered in the Remote Loading section of the guide.

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