TRANSPOSE works like MIDI transposition and pitch changes are made in semitones. Changes in pitch don’t affect the sound quality of the Oscillator. This control is most often used to set the Oscillators at different semitone values, such as octaves or different intervals.

Range -24 semitones ~ +24 semitones

NOTE: TRANSPOSE offers the best available sound quality but it is not modulatable.


COARSE operates in a similar way to the FINE control, but with a much larger range. Unlike TRANSPOSE, using COARSE does affect the sound quality of the Oscillator, but it is a modulatable control. COARSE is very useful for wide-range pitch modulation FX.

Range -4800 cents ~ +4800 cents


The FINE control is the most precise, changing the pitch in 1-cent increments. The FINE controls shift the pitch 100 cents (one semitone) up or down.

The most common use of the FINE control is to detune oscillators a small amount (less that 15 cents) from each other, causing them to sound richer.

Range -100 cents ~ +100 cents


If the TRACKING (also known as Keyboard Tracking) switch is enabled, the pitch of the Oscillator will track the keyboard, meaning the root pitch will be changed with each key. When TRACKING is disabled, the Oscillator will not track the keyboard.

If a Soundsource is loaded, depending on the map, some keys may have static pitches.

Single Sample

All of the keys will play the same pitch


The range of each sample will have the same pitch. For example, if there is a different sample mapped to each octave, then each octave will only play a single pitch.

Chromatic Sample

Since every key has a sample, there is no apparent change when TRACKING is disabled.

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