The MODULATION assignments section allows you to override and remap the standard MIDI messages used by the Modulation Matrix sources in Omnisphere. Simply select the drop-down menu next to one of the 14 modulation types and a pop-up will appear that says “Move MIDI Controller.” Then on your MIDI controller move the knob, slider, or wheel that you wish to use for that Modulation Source.

The ‘User CC’ Modulation source is particularly useful for adding an additional, non-standard MIDI Controller into the Omnisphere Modulation Matrix—without disrupting any of the standard assignments. It is set by default to CC 69.

NOTE – When you designate a MIDI controller to act for pitch bend, sustain, or any other standard MIDI message, the controller will only operate in the context of the Mod Matrix. It will not fully replace the Message. For example, if you designate CC 34 for Pitch Bend, CC 34 will work as the Pitch Bend Mod Source (in the Mod Matrix), but CC 34 will not act as the Pitch Bend itself and will not bend notes. Likewise, a CC used for Sustain will act as a Sustain Mod Source, but will not cause notes to sustain.

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