With its vast world of evocative moods and brooding textures, Undercurrent is the quintessential tool for dark electronic music production. Highly playable and customizable, you’ll find truly endless creative possibilities. These remarkable sounds and highly versatile effects are an indispensable palette for any forward-thinking composer/producer.

• A dark masterpiece by Ignacio Longo, top Spectrasonics designer
• Exclusive new “Under Fire” saturator/comp/EQ effect!
• Exclusive new “Under Echo” pitch-shifted ambience effect!
• Over 2,000 sounds in eleven different categories
• Powerful Custom Controls for creative sound manipulation
• Over 300 extraordinary new Soundsources (over 7GB)
• Innovative Modular Multisampling – unique timbre/gesture per-key
• Easily transform evocative sounds into pulsing rhythms
• Ominous sounds recorded in Secret Underground Tunnels
• Vast range, from moody ambience to extremely intense
• Requires Omnisphere 2.8 or higher

Undercurent includes two exclusive and powerful FX units:

Under Echo

You’ve never heard an echo unit quite like this one! The powerful new “Under Echo” effect is a major highlight of this Sonic Extension. Dripping with analog tape character, this extremely versatile pitch-shifted ambience processor utilizes newly developed algorithms which play a large role in shaping the unique vibe of Undercurrent. This is the one you want in your arsenal when it’s time to go dark and moody.

• 13 Echo Colors – Dusk, Warp, Fog, Dank, Spin, Veil, Shade, Vapor, Fumes, and more…
• Accurate modeling of coveted vintage tape echo units
• Classic Analog regeneration buildup with killer extremes
• Mix in the perfect amount of variable Pitch-Shifting
• Flexible Pitch-Shifter Signal Path – Pre/Post Echo/Reverb or Feedback Loop
• Variable Stereo Spread of Echo Time
• Multitap mode for scattered diffusion FX
BPM Sync option for locking to host tempo
• Add lush Reverb to decaying Echo trails
• Variable Ducking adds dramatic swells
• Works in any Omnisphere Patch!

Under Fire

Included with Undercurrent is a new custom-designed tone-shaping effect called “Under Fire.” This sonically versatile distortion, compression, EQ device utilizes completely different DSP algorithms from the standard Omnisphere FX, giving Undercurrent a special “fire” all its own. Based on component-modeling of rare analog devices, a wide variety of colors are achievable – from warm saturation and contoured crunch, all the way to extremely vicious distortion.

• 14 Compression types – Tube, Tape, Solid, Console, Limit, Hype, Enhance, and more…
• 15 Distortion types – Warm, Penta, Scoop, Sizzle, Blown, Grunge, Scream, and more…
• Mix in exactly the amount of Distortion you desire with the dry signal
• Three-band Equalizer has analog-modeled input/output gain-staging
• Flexible EQ signal path can be Pre/Post Distortion or Post Compressor
• Easy-to-use, great-sounding results with simple controls
• Works in any Omnisphere Patch!

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