STOMPBOX recreates 11 of THE BEST classic fuzz, overdrive, and distortion pedals, including Boss, Ibanez, DOD, Arbiter, Sola Tone, MXR, Pro Co, and Big Muff.

    Sometimes referred to as overdrive, DRIVE sets how much the amplifier is overloaded, causing distortion. The higher this control is set, the more distorted the signal.
    Range: 0.00 ~ 10.00
  • TONE
    Controls the tone of the distortion, creating darker results at low settings and brighter results at higher settings. TONE responds differently depending on the selected model.
    Range: 0.00 ~ 10.00
    Master volume.
    Range: 0.00 ~ 10.00
    Selects one of the Stompbox models:
  1. Boss BD-2 Blues Driver™
    Classic, creamy, blues tones from one of the best overdrive pedals of its type.
  2. Ibanez Tube Screamer™
    Boosted midrange overdrive, loved by blues players. Think Stevie Ray Vaughn.
  3. Boss SD-1 Overdrive™
    Provides a warm, tube-like distortion, while retaining clarity.
  4. DOD 250 Overdrive™
    Smooth, Classic Rock tone.
  5. Arbiter Fuzz Face™
    Classic from the 1960s, used by the Beatles, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, to name only a few.
  6. Sola Tone Bender™
    A descendant of the Arbiter Fuzz-Face, this cool distortion pedal form the mid-sixties was a Classic Rock staple and made a comeback in 2012.
  7. MXR Distortion +™
    Tons of sustain in this mustard-colored classic, often used in Classic Rock and Heavy Metal.
  8. Pro Co RAT™
    Another descendant of the Arbiter Fuzz-Face, used extensively by David Gilmour, Jeff Beck, and Joe Walsh
  9. Big Muff Pi™
    Electro-Harmonix developed this from earlier models called Axis Fuzz and Foxey Lady, obvious nods to Hendrix.
  10. Boss DS-1 Distortion™
    Similar to the Pro Co RAT, this simple overdrive pedal was popular with Prince, Nirvana, Steve Vai, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  11. DOD FX69 Grunge™
    Super-heavy distortion, named for the Pacific Northwest Grunge scene of the ’90s!

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