The flexible FX Preset system offers rapid access to the full power of Omnisphere’s FX. It’s easy to create, copy, paste, save, and recall unique individual FX units or entire Racks of FX to instantly give any element within Omnisphere a customized sound.

There are two kinds of FX Presets: FX Unit Presets and FX Rack Presets.

FX Presets may be:

  • Saved with custom names
  • Loaded from a drop-down menu
  • Copied from any FX Slot or Rack
  • Pasted to any FX Slot or Rack
  • Freely shared across any platform or host

TERMINOLOGY: “Programs,” “Patches,” or “Settings” are common terms in other products for “Presets.” They all mean essentially the same thing. In Omnisphere, we use the term “Presets” exclusively in reference to the settings of individual components, like FX, Envelopes, etc. The term “Patch” always refers to a completed sound.

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