If your live gig is relatively straightforward and you don’t need to change Patches frequently, loading one Patch at a time remotely is often the simplest way to go.

However, if you anticipate needing more sounds or you just want to have options to switch immediately, we recommend using Multis to prepare your set ahead of time. Below are some strategies for using Multis in your live setup:

Loading Up to 8 Sounds in a Multi

Multis are the cornerstone of a simple, yet sophisticated live performance setup when using Omnisphere. With just a little pre-production setting up Multis with Live and Stack Modes, switching and layering sounds on the gig will flow seamlessly and effortlessly.

Loading Sounds Remotely

We recommend using MIDI Learn to load your Multis. With Omnisphere’s Progressive Loading, you’ll be able to start playing even before the sounds are fully loaded.

All Edits are Stored in the Multi

Once you’ve loaded (up to 8) sounds in a Multi, you might want to make edits to those Patches to better fit the song or the live mix. For instance, you might want to change the octave or individual levels, adjust the attack or the release on an envelope, utilize Thinning, or modify FX settings. All these settings can be saved in the Multi without the need to save Patches individually. All edits are unique to the Multi and do not permanently change the sound of the individual Patches.

Edit Patch Names within a Multi

You may want to use different sounds of a Multi in the different parts of the song. To remind you which sounds correspond to each section, you can rename the Patches within a Multi as “Verse,” “Bridge,” “Chorus,” etc., by Option+clicking the Patch name in either the Layer Page or Main Page. All edits are unique to the Multi and do not permanently change the name of the individual Patches.

Use Omni TR

If you have an iPad, you can use Omni TR as a portable, wireless, touchscreen remote control for your Multis. Using Omni TR with Live Mode gives you an easy means of layering and switching sounds, real-time editing, and mixing on-the-fly. You can also access the powerful ORB for subtle or radical sonic manipulation in real time.

Be Prepared with a Variety of Separate Multis

You probably have your “go to” sounds for certain genres of music. Depending on the type of gig, you can create Multis that work for different applications. If your performance is more improvisational, you might want to set up separate Multis to cover a variety of genres and gigs, such as funk, jazz, pop/rock, or for a variety of moods, like meditative, mournful, dreamlike, or majestic. In this way, you can be ready whenever (and however) inspiration hits.

NOTE: Please see MIDI Learn Menus and reference the the Load Current MIDI Assignments with Multi section.

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