Pressing the DICE button will instantly create a brand new group of intelligent sonic modifications and effects to try. There’s no limit to how many serendipitous sonic variations the DICE can create—opening up the vast power of the STEAM engine to every user, regardless of synthesis knowledge. You will be presented with a different idea or point of departure each time you press it. You can MIDI-Learn he DICE button.

NOTE: It’s important to save your Patches once you are satisfied with the Orb’s changes. Once you press the DICE button or select a different Patch in that Part, Omnisphere will not be able to recall any previous Orb settings unless they have been saved with the Patch or with the host’s session.


The overall intensity of the Orb’s sound-manipulation can be controlled with the DEPTH slider. The higher the DEPTH slider is set, the more pronounced the changes will be to the Patch.

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