The ENVELOPE ZOOM page provides precise editing of the 12 available envelopes in a Part (4 AMP envelopes per Layer, 4 Filter envelopes per Layer, and 4 Global Mod Envelopes). Complex envelopes can be created with hundreds of stages. Each envelope segment can have one of nine different curve presets applied to it. These include bumps, spikes, pulses, curves, and linear transitions. It is not necessary to choose between a simple or complex envelope, since they both exist simultaneously. Any changes made to the ADSR sliders on the MAIN page will be reflected on the Envelopes Zoom page.

A complex envelope can be further configured via a dedicated set of editing options that can fine-tune, scale, and modify specific parts of the envelope. Envelope contours can easily be repeated or “unrepeated” to add or remove stages.

The Envelope Zoom has a special CHAOS feature, which can randomize the envelope’s shape. CHAOS can also be set to automatically change on every cycle, creating constantly changing envelopes. The degree that CHAOS will affect the Envelope is determined with dedicated probability mini-sliders.

You can also create a Groove Lock envelope simply by dragging and dropping a standard MIDI file (for example, from Stylus RMX) onto the Envelope Display. This will automatically create a rhythmic envelope matching the groove contained in the MIDI file.

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