The Publish Library feature was created for third-party developers of Omnisphere Libraries. It allows developers to easily export or “publish” a library of tagged and categorized Multis, Patches, any associated Soundsources, and custom images in a single .omnisphere package. End-users can then install this package into their systems with one simple step.

NOTE: Patches, Multis, and Soundsources are located in separate directories in your STEAM folder, but if you wish to publish a library that includes both Patches and Multis, the libraries in which those Patches and Multis are located must have the same name. That name will appear in the Publish Library sub-menu only once.

User Soundsources used by any Patch or Multi in the library you wish to publish will be automatically added to the .omnisphere package, so there is no need to create a Soundsource library with a matching name. Factory Soundsources (on all Omnisphere users’ systems) are referenced by the Patches / Multis.

Once a Library has been created and is ready to be published, Option/Alt-click on the Utility Menu and a “Publish Library” menu item will appear at the bottom of the list. This item contains a sub-menu displaying the Libraries available for publishing.

Select the Library you wish to publish and, after viewing the copyright message, you will be prompted to select a location to store the .omnisphere package.

After completing these steps. you will see a report of the data to be included in the .omnisphere package.

Click “Continue,” and your .omnisphere file will be finalized and made ready for sharing.

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