The PRECISION COMPRESSOR is super-clean, versatile, and modern-sounding. It’s an ideal hi-fi studio compressor and works well for mastering.

    Sets the input level to the compressor.
    Range: -12.0 ~ +12.0
    The range of dynamic compression once the compressor engages.
    Range: 1:1 ~ 10:1
    Controls both the threshold and output gain of the compression effect. Higher settings lower the threshold and make up more gain, while slowing the attack.
    Range: 0 ~ 36 dB
    Adjusts the amount of time until compression stops once the audio has gone under the Threshold level.
    Range: .4 ~ 2.5
    A gain make-up stage that adjusts the overall output to compensate for compression level reduction.
    Range: -24 dB ~ 0 dB

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