Click anywhere in the Search Field to enter search text. Press the Enter/Return key to view the filtered results.

The Search function will check Names, Tags, Keywords, and even Notes to determine the search results.

Selecting Attributes in the Browser Filters can refine the search even further. The more selections that are made, using Attributes and the Boolean Search capability, the narrower the search results will be. To search the entire Core Library, be sure to select “All” in each of the Browser Filter columns.

Search Lock

By default, when the Full Browser is closed, the Search text will be cleared. Search Lock allows search entries (and the filtered results) to be retained after the Browser is closed and re-opened.

You can lock and retain the Search text in the Patch Browsers via the Sound Lock menu.

In the Soundsurce and Multi browsers, Search Lock is enabled with the dedicated Search Lock icon.

For detailed information on the extent of the locking capabilities, please see Sound Lock.

NOTE: The Search Lock setting is saved as a global user setting. When you enable Search Lock, it will remain enabled the next time you open an instance of the plug-in and when you change the Search Lock setting, that change is applied to all Browsers.

Search Clear

Select the Search Clear button to clear the Search Field. When you click the Search Clear button, the displayed sounds will update accordingly.

Boolean Expressions

Boolean Search uses the criteria “Or,” “And,” and “Not” and lets you include or exclude certain Attributes to narrow your search. You can also type expressions into the Search field to filter your results.

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