Without question, Sky Verb is the most gorgeous reverb ever made for Omnisphere! This included new effect is the secret sauce of Nylon Sky, but you’ll end up wanting to use it on pretty much anything. The evocative Clouds and Trails controls add shimmering textures that bloom and infinitely evolve, making it the ideal processor for ambient soundscapes and scoring. Launch into deep space with Sky Verb!

Controls the mix of the dry signal and the processed (wet) signal. The percentage indicated is the amount of the signal that is wet.

    Controls the length of the reverb.
    Controls the brightness of the reverb.
    Introduces subtle modulation to the signal before it enters the reverb.
    Adds a shimmering effect an octave higher.
    Controls the time of the clouds effect. Set it all the way up for the clouds to sustain infinitely.
    Changes the tone of the clouds.

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