One of the features of Omnisphere’s interface design is that it only reveals its depth and complexity on an as-needed basis. The Zoom Icon Buttons provide access to Zoom Views, where you can view expanded information or interact with Omnisphere’s more advanced features.

A magnifying glass icon next to a function indicates that a Zoom View is available. Selecting the icon with a “+” inside it opens the Zoom View for that function. When a Zoom View is open, selecting the magnifying glass icon with a “-“inside it, closes the Zoom View.

Zoom Views are available for Modulation, Filters, Envelopes, Velocity Curves, Soundsource info, Patch info, MULTI info, and LIVE MODE settings.

There are also Zoom Buttons in the Browsers that access Browser settings, the Tag Editor, and Multi, Patch, or Soundsource info.

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