The Orb’s movements can be controlled using a MIDI controller.

Since the Orb’s movements are plotted on 2 different X/Y-type planes, “Angle” and “Radius,” they must be assigned to different MIDI CCs to work effectively.

To control the Orb using MIDI CCs, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the Orb and choose “MIDI CC Learn” to MIDI Learn the Orb’s Angle (the default setting).
  2. Move a physical control on the MIDI device that is connected to Omnisphere to control the Orb’s Angle.
  3. Right-click again on the Orb and choose “Switch to Radius” to MIDI Learn the Orb’s Radius.
  4. Move a different physical control on the MIDI device to control the Orb’s Radius.

The Orb will be instantly paired, and can then be controlled from a MIDI Controller. All MIDI Learn assignments are stored with the MULTI, saved with the host project file, and can also be saved as a MIDI Learn Template.

NOTE: Inertia is a mouse/touch feature only and is incompatible with MIDI input. When the Orb is controlled using a MIDI Controller, the result will be the same as if Inertia was disabled.

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