When the Info View mode is selected, the right column contains information about the selected sound. In addition, there is a Zoom Button that will open a Zoom View for additional details about the sound. The Zoom Views in the different Browsers contain similar information.

The Soundsource Zoom View will typically contain the most information, with details about the origin of the samples and suggestions for their application.

Soundsource Zoom View: EDIT (THIN) INFO Panes

The Soundsource Zoom View contains two sub-panes; the Edit Zoom and Info Zoom panes. Use the EDIT and INFO Buttons to select the desired view.
(THIN is a sub-page in EDIT.)

The Info Zoom pane shows the descriptions, keywords, and tags of the Soundsource. This is the default view when opening the Soundsource Zoom from the Soundsource Browser.

The Edit View provides access to the Sub-layer Mixer. Clicking on the THIN button accesses Sample Thinning controls for the Soundsource.

To learn more about the Soundsource Edit Zoom, see the Edit Page: Soundsource Zoom section.

For Soundsources. the image will be a visualization of of the sound that it’s associated with. Similar sounds might have similarly themed images. Sometimes this image might be rather abstract, or it can be more literal. Many of the Soundsource images will be images of the original item that was sampled.

File Size

This is the total amount of memory that is used when the sound is loaded if streaming is not in use.

NOTE: If a Patch contains only DSP waveforms (no Soundsources), no size will be listed.

More Info + WWW

Additional information about Omnisphere’s Soundsources can be found on the internet. We’ve provided a web link button that will take you to a webpage with further information about the sound and/or its author.

Legal Info

This will take you to a page that details all of the legal information about how Omnisphere’s Soundsources can (and can’t) be used as well as copyright information on how the samples and effects were obtained and licensed.

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