The Main Page can be considered Omnisphere’s “dashboard.” It allows quick changes to the Patch that has been loaded and there are useful performance controls that appear here exclusively.

The parameter controls in the MAIN page affect the entire Patch (all four Layers). 

The large middle area shows the Notes View and the Layers View. The Notes tab provides access to the Patch Zoom, while the Layers tab allows you to see and select which Oscillator or Soundsource is used for each Layer and provides access to the Soundsource Zoom.

The controls on the left include the number of Voices and Octave Transpose, Scale, Clock Speed, Latch and Trigger Modes, Signal Path, Gain, along with MIDI Channel, Output routing, and Part Level, Mute / Solo.

The Master Filter controls along the bottom allow you to select Highpass or Lowpass filters and adjust the Cutoff and Resonance.

The controls on the right are for Velocity Curves, Solo/Glide modes, Pedal controls, and Pitch Bend controls. The V-Curve (Velocity Curve) section also has a Zoom option for customizing Velocity curves.

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